Friday, April 04, 2008

Awesome! One bottle of scotch and I'm a landowner.
Hi to all!

We have serious intentions of getting this big ugly machine working again now that Ben is on "sabbatical". Just returned to PP after a month for Ben and 2 weeks for Bec back in Australia and its affiliate (and well ok, superior country) New Zealand (they have the water).

Our return has not been without its challenges, for those who see signs in events you may say that Cambodia does not want us back. These "signs" have included:

- Two 24 hour blackouts inside the first week back (you just sit in the dark and sweat..)
- Ben stepping on a glass and having 12 stitches sewn into the bottom of his foot (there was lots of blood)
- A shortage of gas and doubling of the price (this has the populace very upset)
- Bec being witness to further bag snatching's and a medical crisis with one of her colleagues

Hopefully the worst of this is now over however. On a bright note we have returned to mango season - big huge juicy (and cheap!!) mangoes. mmmm.

Our trip down under was fantastic and we will probably post some photos soon. It was great to see friends and family in Melbourne, Albury, Canberra and Brisbane and also reconnect with 95% of Ben's kiwi family attending his cousin's wedding in NZ. The wedding was really nice, being held in the small town the family comes from. The scenery of South Island NZ is truly amazing and one of the best places you could ever visit. And they have the water. And green grass which I believe may be now extinct in southern Australia.

Now that Ben is bound to crutches we will try and get some pictures and more posts up. I know....don't hold your breath.

Love to all.