Sunday, December 02, 2007

A Sorry and a Shed (by Ben)

Hi! Owing to an ailing interest in writing blog posts I have not contributed much in the last 6 months. Im sorry. Its hard to maintain a steady flow of posts and now everyone seems hooked on the Facebook (something I steadfastly refuse to join). Anyways Bec is in NZ and i have been a little bored - so here I am back on Blogger.

I have little of interest to write about and and will therefore share the first draft of a Manshed I am designing and plan to one day build. A friend recently alerted me to the concept and I was immediately enthused. My recipe is one part grown up cubby house, two parts fun and the tiniest pinch of functionality. Christmas is also just round so the corner and this looks just a little bit like a wish list for Santa.


1. Vintage Premier Drum Kit - not necessarily Keith Moon's but something similar would be nice.
2. Fender Jazzmaster and a Marshal stack (well of course).
3. Persian rug - cheaper the better and only from the retailer who needs to clear his warehouse by 30 June or face bankruptcy.
4. 24-channel mixing console (for sitting next to when interviewed for music documentaries)
5. A unique and moderately comfortable couch.
6. Picture of Michael Tuck + autograph (i actually have the autograph already).
7. Home Brew Kit

Im sure there is a lot more yet to add. A door would a solid idea. Perhaps some walls and a roof. You get the basic drift anyways. Love to all. More posts to come - I promise!