Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Bathroom Remodelling

We have been the grateful recipients of further home improvements - this time its to the no. 2 bathroom. We have 3 bathrooms in our place. I believe this breaches the majority of building codes for this part of the world as they require at least 2 bathrooms for every other room contained within a house.
This addition follows the giant fridge received last year - it is the largest fridge I have ever had the privilege to know and provides a wonderful habitat for the things we like to eat and drink. See below the fridge standing with Andrew.

Bec and I have taken the lead on design concepts for Bathroom No. 2. The first conceptualisation involved relocation of our new bath (it has handles and no black stains) to the foot of the bed. You have to admit the two items sit well together and the morning wash would only be one roll away.

Alas an absence of plumbing in the room made the whole idea impractical.
We have therefore settled on the following concept. The aim was to improve ablusion efficiency by 30%. By placing the toilet, bath and sink in a direct line across the space this can be achieved. Now I can sit on the toilet, wash my feet and shave all at once. My morning routine has never been this streamlined.

We also had a dirty sinkhole added to the rear corner of the room. Its purpose: to contrast the cleanliness that a bathing room and all activities there represent. Good design is all about balance. I think it was Seinfeld who once said "There's nothing dirtier than a big ol' ball of oil". Well in fact there is, and right now it resides in the rear third of Bathroom 2.


ErikDavis said...

eggs-sell-ent! I was particularly impressed with your feng-shui-like balancing of clean and dirty spaces. So important. Your brilliant first plan to place the bathtub at the foot of the bed was actually done at a hotel we stayed in during our recent jaunt to Flo-dah. Leah was so enamored of this phenomenon - in her parents' room - that she took a photo. Love you all. Let's talk soon, eh?

Kratzy said...

My ex and I stayed at a place on the coast once that had this massive hole in the bathroom wall. We thought it was a little weird... until we got in the spa bath! The hole was perfectly lined up so that, while laying in the spa bath, you can watch the TV in the bedroom. PURE GENIUS I tell you! My ex stayed in the bath for hours watching Bevis and Butthead the movie while drinking beer.

Love Steph.

Michaela said...

Wow, it's just like my new condo! Who knew that Cambodian and US building codes were so similar :o). I agree with Erik - that Fung shui is out of control!